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Instrumental Sciences, Inc. provides interdisciplinary engineering and software development services for aerospace and defense industry customers.  Our primary business area is engineering of automated communications and control systems for missile defense applications.  ISI staff expertise encompasses information systems, sensor, and control technologies.  ISI employees have proven track records in communications engineering, reliability engineering, software development, and system testing disciplines to support customer product development and deployment efforts.


Company Information

ISI has been in business as an engineering company, based in Huntsville, Alabama, since incorporation in 1993.

Over the last nine years, we have provided systems engineering, software development, specialty engineering, and test support services for missile defense development and deployment programs.   Our missile defense work has centered on in-flight interceptor communications systems and on reliability-availability-maintainability (RAM) analysis.  The ISI services for missile defense programs have been performed primarily under subcontracts to major defense contractors.  Our senior staff members have extensive previous experience in missile defense research and development, gained during more than 25 years work on predecessor projects.

ISI also performs research and product development in condition-based maintenance (CBM) technologies.  One current ISI research project in the CBM area is applying advanced statistical methods for predictive fault detection/prognostic equipment health monitoring.  A related ISI project is developing advanced automated multimedia maintenance user interface tools.  These ISI research efforts have been sponsored by the Missile Defense Agency through the Department of Defense Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) program.

Full-time ISI employees are degreed professionals, most with advanced technical degrees, engaged in missile defense engineering and software development tasks.  ISI provides an attractive benefits package for full-time employees, featuring company-paid health insurance, retirement plan, bonus program, and educational reimbursement policy.


Equipment and Software

ISI maintains a network of Windows- and Linux-based workstations with high-speed internet connection and a full complement of commercial software, including word processors, spreadsheet programs, presentation graphics software, CAD software, scientific analysis software, programming languages and software development environments.  We have access to on-line technical libraries and data repositories via the internet.


Contact Information

For additional information, please contact Jeff Yalowitz, ISI President and Chief Engineer, at:

Instrumental Sciences, Inc.

P.O. Box 4711

Huntsville, Alabama 35815-4711


Phone: (256) 881-9980

Fax: (256) 650-5308